Powering the Engines of Innovation for Vision 2030 and Beyond


Longer-term initiatives involve the utilization of its technological and development expertise gained by its collaborations as a pathway and example for Kingdom wide advancement in the fields of Healthcare, Transportation & Logistics, Industrials, Energy, Tourism Development, Entertainment Marketing, Regional Development, Education, Science & Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

HIF aims to design, structure and operate an inclusive and collaborative platform for investors, developers, and coalition partners to actuate and succeed on the execution and completion of its initiatives through financial, technological, structural, and policy support.

HIF Investments

Key projects within the scope of the Fund will be given individual structuring, financial and technical support as well as the combined resources and support of the Governmental and Private Sector collaborators of the Fund

HIF has the ability to lead direct financing for key projects and programs (with the ability to involve other funds and Governmental Institutions as needed by project requirements) enabling the HIF’s decisive capability to fast-track its key projects.

Key Project Example •.NanoCures

Nano Cures is the developer of the The Cures Platform for Self Driving Cures. The platform includes CureLink, CureCloud, and Cures along with the infrastructure, tools and facilities to transform health caring and curing. The Nano Cures Platform is being deployed in  the Kingdom beginning in 2023 and will introduce ‘Self-Driving Cures’ to Saudi Arabia and rest of the world.  Major partners include Arm Holdings and SoftBank.

HIF Impact

HIF’s global network, supported by Manager and Collaboration Coalition Members, enable an international sharing and cross-border development and proliferation of advancement in they key structural components that will be central to the success of HIF supported projects across financial, technical, human resource and other shared expertise across the HIF Global Coalition.


In collaboration with banking and investment sector partners, including the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) and the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) – HIF will make a core component of its project development support the use and innovation of project finance structures, guarantee structures and material finance innovations to pave the way for collaborative advancement in the field of Project Finance for the Kingdom


Alexander Vanderhey

Saud Al Quraishi

Ron Hopkinson

Abdullah Alrakhis

Abdulaziz Al-Rasheed

Ahmed Al Quraishi

Prasad Pillai